Kudos & Reviews

“Once again, I’m blown away and in total awe of your raw talent as a writer. Your ability to put into concise words the things we can only vaguely think about or hint at. The truths we know are there but seem ever so elusive because they refuse to be labelled or pinned down in so many, or so few, words. But, above all, I admire your courage in sharing your very personal, your very real, your very painful journey with all who will listen.

Your writing deserves, no calls for, reading and re-reading and still there’s much that is not understood… it can only be known.

I feel blessed that you’re sharing, not only your talent, but a piece of your soul with all of us.  Thank you for your honesty, bravery, and understanding of the human condition. Sending much love.”

L.H. August 2018

“Elizabeth combines artistry with profound soul insights. Each piece will move you to look within and see a reflection of that cosmic moment we all long for.”

C.M. 2018

“A writer that will make you question the very nature of experience …”

R.R. 2018